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· ShePower: Dreamed to be in forensics, she is now a virologist [2020-03-24]
· IMCAS Provides Data Service to Support for the Fight Against the COVID-19 [2020-02-26]
· Japanese Young Scientists Visit IMCAS [2019-12-10]
· China Establishes a Top National Microbial Resource Data Center at IMCAS [2019-11-28]
· IMCAS Signs MoU with Norwegian Veterinary Institute [2019-11-22]
· GAO Fu Elected to IEAS Academician [2019-11-21]
· George Fu Gao elected as an international member of NAM [2019-10-23]
· Facing 2020--5th Collaborative Meeting of China-Thailand Joint Laboratory on Microbial Biotechnology and the Workshop on Yeast Hybirdization Technology Held in Thailand [2019-09-19]
Research Progress
· Scientists from Institute of Microbiology constructed a mouse gut microbial biobank [2020-01-16]
· Scientists reveal novel strategy of preventing chitin-triggered host immunity by soil-borne fungal pathogens [2019-10-22]
· Chinese Scientists Develop a New Generation Biophotovoltaics [2019-09-23]
· Scientists unravel a chemical immunity in plants against arthropod-borne viruses [2019-08-31]
· Machine Learning for Rapid Diagnosis of Antimicrobial Resistance in Streptococcus pneumoniae [2019-07-29]
· Scientists Create New “Y-shaped” Synthetic Consortium for Efficient Bio-manufacturing [2019-07-01]
The 5th Intermational Day o...
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