Red drama – our Notro bush is taking its time

The notro we planted a few summers ago in front of our cabin is giving it a good college try. But the soil is dry this year because of the volcano, and it’s been a very warm, sunny summer. Many folks here are claiming it’s a ‘summer to beat all summers’ because of the warmth and sunshine.  But for the notro, it’s been a tough go.

Notros bloom up and down Patagonia, on both sides of the Andes. They’re famously located right in front of the Perito Moreno Glacier, bright red to contrast the white and blues of the glaciers or like this one here, near the Tronador Volcano closer to Bariloche. It’s significantly more moist where this photo was taken, less than 20 kms west of our cabin, which in turn is west of Bariloche. Closer to the moisture, but still.

They’re a firebush, a flowering shrub that can grow up to 10 meters in the wild. Our notro needs some time, and some days of good rain, to get going this year, but we have faith.

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