Not your usual Patagonian Spring

The spring of 2011 – the Austral Spring – has been one for the records. I’ve often been amazed at the adaptability of people in southern Argentina. And the goings-on since the June 4th eruption of the Volcan Puyehue-Cordon Caulle has taken things to another level.

The ash continues to fall. Not always, not every day. But it keeps coming. The airport has remained closed and will do so until at least the fall, March. So that means no visitors, and for the bulk of people in the Bariloche area, who live off tourism, that means no work. Well, not quite no work, but close to 75% less work than you’d normally have.

Across the lake in sweet Villa La Angostura, the situation is even worse. But folks have their chins up and their smiles ready, anxious to receive any one willing to make the trip by land or via airports 4+ hours away.

We’ll see what the next few weeks have in store, as the region moves into its traditionally busiest two weeks.

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