Here Comes Trouble – on Argentine men

Nacho Eye Candy

Fellow, got yourself a good girl, a real keeper, and want to make sure she stays yours?

Then don’t let her come to Argentina without you.

The local men will spot her from miles away. They’ll sneak up on her with a wink and a sly smile. They’ll shake their shaggy hair and strike a sexy pose. She won’t be able to look away. It’ll take only a few seconds before she sends a text message to her friend down in Bariloche: “Hot damn!”

L. was not the first of my friends to show up wide-eyed and googly-faced in Argentina. Sure, there was jet-lag and a general sense of excitement about being somewhere new, but there was really only one simple reason she was bursting.

“Man, the men here are hot!”, she said in a quick email confirming I’d be picking her up the next day.

Yeah, I know they are. I know all about it, trust me. These muchachos are masters. There’s the guy up at the ski hill who has my gringa friends chasing him off the Nubes chair. That older gentleman, a friend of my father-in-law’s, who never stops flirting with me. What is it about him that I find so difficult to resist? And then there’s Fran in Mendoza, my biggest crush in the country. He makes my knees wobble (yes, I am happily married). Instead of taking notes about the Malbec he makes, I ended up scribbling little hearts in my notepad.

I waved chau as three such ’specimens’ took off this morning for a ski-touring trip, and I secretly smiled at the lucky fortune of any girls that cross their path. This trio makes for some jaw-dropping man-oogling. And they know it and will play it to their advantage, making an innocent blondie feel on top of the world. Oh dear. Here comes trouble.

Lots of countries are famous for their beautiful women – Brazil, Venezuela, Thailand, Italy. Few places are so well-known amongst the female half of the planet as my adopted home for its hunky guys.

Polo heartthrob and model Nacho Figueras (see eye candy above) isn’t doing anything to keep the secret safe about handsome Argentines. Lately, he’s been on the Today Show (heck, so have I!) and on Oprah, and both times just about all any of the ladies had to say had to do with how hot he is.

“Why didn’t I go to Argentina in college?” the Oprah reporter dead-panned after saddling up with Nacho and his teammates.

The giant tenista Del Potro picked up the US Open and my friend K in Toronto wrote to comment on how hot he is, how cute he is, how much passion he shows. Another Argie stirring up the ladies. Hubba-hubba.

“Hhhhhey-lo” says my friend Manuel with his sweet smile, leaning in to give a friendly beso upon meeting. And my gringa amigas melt. I just roll my eyes…..

So what’s the secret? It could be genes, that illusive blend of European heritage unique to Argentina. It could be all the red meat they eat, all those horses they ride.

But I think it’s more about a distinctive and light-hearted sense of fun and a refined sense of rusticity that really wows the ladies. These are guys who know how to dance and know how to dress. They are, um, extremely comfortable in their masculinity.

In other words, if you are a single gal looking for some fun or a coupled-up woman in need a quick break from your ball-and-chain, come on down! Hhhhey-lo! It’s all pretty innocent after all.

If you are a dude wanting to keep your hands on your sweetie, then be sure to book your seat right next to her.

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